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Contemporary style

6 bedrooms and 2 suites for greater intimacy, focussing on nature, the scrubland and the mountains. They combine their clean contemporary style with the impressiveness of their panoramic view over the valley. The spectacular views provided by the large windows and the white walls are the most characteristics aspects of the mountain and village facing rooms.
chambre d'hôtel avec vue sur les montagnes Corse
Chambre hotel dans montagnes corses
Chambre avec vue sur montagnes corses


From 118 € to 159 €/ night

Piacè 16 m² – Lit double – Salle de bain avec baignoire ouverte sur la chambre – Climatisation

Bathed in light as soon as the sun rises, comfortable and elegant thanks to their modern furniture, their open bathrooms and the position of the bed offer a view of the stunningly beautiful landscape.

Hotel design en corse avec vue sur montagne
suite d'hotel de charme en Corse
Hotel de charme en Corse
Hotel de charme pres d'ajaccio


from 158 €  to 199 €/ night

21 m² – Double bed – Bathroom with bath, open onto the bedroom – Air-conditioning

Spacious and refined, imbued with light from dawn onwards, the rooms combine contemporary design with open bathrooms and baths that offer a view of the mountains.

Chambre d'hotel design en Corse
Chambre de boutique hotel Corse
Vue sur les montagnes Corses depuis l'hôtel
salle de bain d’hôtel prés hôtel d’Ajaccio
Balcon de boutique hotel en Corse


from 238 € to 378 €/ Night

27m² & 24 m² terrace – Double bed – Living Room – Bathroom – Air-conditioning

Elegance and clarity, delineation of spaces with the seating area for you or your children, separate bathroom with shower. A reading or contemplation corner. A large private terrace in the countryside.

On the day of your arrival, your room will be available from 16:00 (check in).
The day of your departure, she must be released for 10:30 (check out)..